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Amines Chemistry Mocktest Mhtcet

Amines Subtopics (12th Chemistry) for Mhtcet Examination 2023. 1 Classification of amines2 Nomenclature of amines3 Preparation of amines4 Physical properties of amines5 Basicity of amines6 Chemical properties of amines7 Reactions of arene diazonium salts8 Reaction with arenesulphonyl chloride9 Electrophilic aromatic substitution in aromatic amines. Here is the Mocktest of Amines ( chemistry) for preparing Mhtcet …

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Halogen derivatives Chemistry Mocktest Mhtcet 2023

Halogen derivatives Subtopics for Mhtcet examination. 1 Classification of halogen derivatives2 Nomenclature of halogen derivatives3 Methods of preparation of alkyl halides4 Physical properties5 Optical isomerism in halogen derivatives6 Chemical properties7 Uses and environmental effects of some polyhalogen compounds. Here is the Mock test of Halogen derivatives.

Coordination Compounds Mocktest Mhtcet 2023

COORDINATION COMPOUNDS SUBTOPICS MHTCET 2023 1 Introduction2 Types of ligands3 Terms used in coordination chemistry4 Classification of complexes5 IUPAC nomenclature of coordination compounds6 Effective atomic number rule7 Isomerism in coordination compounds.8 Stability of coordination compounds9 Theories of bonding in complexes10 Application of coordination compounds Mocktest Online Test Series of Coordination Compounds

Transition and Inner Transition elements Mhtcet Mocktest 2023

Start your preparation by We prepared chapter wise mock test papers in the form of quiz We are ready with Enhanced Valuable mock test series. In this test series Transition and Inner Transition elements all important concepts subtopics are covered. Transition and Inner Transition Online Test Mhtcet 2023. Important Subtopics to be covered before giving …

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