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Halogen derivatives Chemistry Mocktest Mhtcet 2023

Halogen derivatives Subtopics for Mhtcet examination.

1 Classification of halogen derivatives
2 Nomenclature of halogen derivatives
3 Methods of preparation of alkyl halides
4 Physical properties
5 Optical isomerism in halogen derivatives
6 Chemical properties
7 Uses and environmental effects of some polyhalogen compounds.

Here is the Mock test of Halogen derivatives.

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Halogen Derivatives

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Treatment of sec-butyl bromide with alcoholic Koh forms ___as the major product.

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When n-butyl magnesium bromide is treated with water, the product is

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When ethyl bromide and methyl bromide react with metallic sodium in dry ether which of the following products are obtained?

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It is easier to prepare alkenes by dehydrohalogenation of

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In dehydrohalogenation reaction, the conversion that take place is___.

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Alcoholic Koh can be effectively utilized for ____of alkyl halides.

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Dehydrohalogenation is a process in which

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When n-butyl mechanism bromide is treated with water, the product is

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The Sn1 mechanism for the hydrolysis of an alkyl halide to an alcohol involves the formation of__.

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Conversion of bromomethane to methanol  readily takes place in the presence of

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To get alkyl isocyanide from alkyl halide, the latter is heated with

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When C2H5Br treated with excess amount of alcoholic NH 3, the product obtained is

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Methyl bromide on reacting with silver acetate gives

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Conversion of ethyl chloride to ethyl alcohol can be done using

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Enantiomeric compound differ in

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Light having oscillation only in one plane perpendicular to direction of propagation of light is known as

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Arenes when treated with bromine in the presence of Lewis acid as a catalyst undergo ___ reaction.

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Alkyl halides are ___in nature.

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Conversion of ethyl chloride to ethyl fluoride using silver fluoride is known as

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Alkanes cannot be directly iodinated because

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When ethanol is treated with sodium bromide and concentrated H2SO4 is ____ produced

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The Reaction of Phosphorus tribromide with ethanol gives

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Isobutyl chloride in IUPAC is named as

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Halogen derivatives of hydrocarbons are classified according to___

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Which of the following is a halogen derivative of aromatic hydrocarbon

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