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Neet Biology Chapter wise Test Series Free 2024

Neet Biology Chapter wise Test Series

Neet Biology Chapter wise Test Series

Wanna Achieve your dream of a Medical Seat in a top Institution in India? Then you must score the highest you can. Dekho Pahle Padho Phir Samjho Phir Mock Test Do! Kyu? You will get to address which concept is clear and where you are lacking and you will learn time management. After Completing a Study of a particular chapter and you solve Mcqs it helps you remember the concept. If you give Our Neet Biology Chapter wise mock test it boosts your confidence and improves your scoring skills.

Requirement for Neet Biology Chapter wise Test Series:

Aspirants/Students first Complete your Syllabus. Then attempt a mock test/ Test Series to achieve better results learn from your mistakes and boost your confidence. Without any preparation, completing the Syllabus and attempting a mock test will not gonna help you.

Access Neet Biology Chapter-wise Test Series: Available Mock Test Links

Chapters NameMock Test Links
Cell the Unit of LifeClick Here
Cell Cycle and Cell DivisionClick Here
The Living WorldClick Here
Biological ClassificationsClick Here
Morphology of Flowering PlantsClick Here
Anatomy of Flowering Plants Click Here
Plant KingdomClick Here
Transport in PLantsClick Here
Mineral NutritionClick Here
Photosynthesis in PlantsClick Here
Respiration in PlantsClick Here
Plant Growth and DevelopmentClick Here

Neet Biology Syllabus :

Below is the overall Syllabus (Topics) for Neet Biology published by the official website of Neet(Ug) Medical exam. All chapters from the 11th and 12th Standard are included in these topics for a detailed syllabus Click Here.

Sr. No.TopicsSr. No.Topics
1Diversity in Living World1Reproduction
2Structural Organisation in Animals and Plants2Genetics and Evolution
3Cell Structure and Function3Biology and Human Welfare
4Plant Physiology4Biotechnology and Its Applications
5Human Physiology5Ecology and Environment

Features Neet Biology Chapter wise Test Series

Topic Selection: Each test focuses on a chapter or topic from the NEET syllabus. For example, there might be separate tests Reproduction, organic chemistry, and electrostatics.

Neet Biology Chapter-wise Test Series Questions: The test series contains multiple-choice questions (MCQs) related to the selected topic. These questions are designed such that you understand the concept of the Subject that matters.

Neet Test Series Timing: Students are usually given a specific time limit to complete each test, which makes it feel like an actual exam.

Neet Biology Chapter wise Test Series Neet Scoring: After completing the test, students receive their scores, and sometimes, detailed solutions and explanations for the questions are provided to help them understand where they went wrong and how to improve.

Neet Tracking Progress: Students can use these tests to track their progress and identify weak areas that require more study and practice.

Neet Syllabus Revision: Chapter-wise tests are excellent tools for revision, allowing students to reinforce their knowledge of individual topics. Our Neet Chapterwise Chemistry Test Series will help in that case

Neet Paper Pattern and Marking scheme:

Here is the Official Paper Pattern and marking scheme for the Neet Medical Entrance Exam for the last year. The table below shows the Neet Paper Pattern each subject is divided into two sections. Section A(contains 35 Questions) and Section B(contains 15 Questions).

Neet (UG) Paper Pattern
S. NoSubjectSectionsNumber of QuestionsMarks (Each Question carries 4 Marks)Type of Question
1PHYSICSA35140MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)
Total Marks720
Note: A correct option marked will receive 4 marks, while an incorrect option marked will result in a deduction of (-1) mark. Unattempted or unanswered questions will receive zero marks.

Neet Marking scheme:

For Section A (MCQs), candidates are required to select a single option that corresponds to the correct answer or the most appropriate answer for each question.

(i) Correct answer or the most appropriate answer: +4 marks
(ii) Any incorrect option marked: -1 mark
(iii) Unanswered questions: 0 marks

For Section B (MCQs), candidates must attempt a maximum of 10 questions from the provided 15 questions. If a candidate attempts more than 10 questions, only the first 10 attempted questions will be taken into consideration for evaluation. Negative marking will also apply to Section B.

i. Correct Answer: +4 marks
ii. Incorrect Answer: -1 mark
iii. Unanswered Question: 0 marks

Completed Biology Chapter wise Test Series? Get Physic Test…..

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