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Mineral Nutrition - NEET (BOTANY)

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Which one is not a micronutrient for plant?

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Rhizobium and Frankia

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Deficiency symptoms of an element tend to appear first in young leaves. Which one of the following elemental deficiency would show such symptoms?

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Through hydroponics, deficiency symptoms of these elements cannot be identified

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Nitrogenase is a

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The major amino acid that acts as amino group donor during transamination is

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Choose odd w.r.t nitrifying bacteria

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Soyabean export the fixed nitrogen as

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Which of the following is non-symbiotic biofertilizer?

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The essential elements common in chlorosis, late flowering and inhibition of cell division are

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A major constituent for protein, vitamin, chlorophyll and nucleic acid is

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All of the following are caused by deficiency of mineral nutrient except

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Which of the following functions are not associated with Boron ?

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Leghaemoglobin is

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Activator of enzyme which is involved in C*O_{2} fixation is

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Denitrification is carried out by

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With the help of hydroponics

A. Commercial production of lettuce, tomato is done

B. Deficiency symptoms of mineral element can be known

C. Toxicity of element can be known

D. Performed where soil is thin, infertile and dry

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Necrosis or death of tissue, particularly leaf tissues is caused by the deficiency of

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Which among the following is not a beneficial element ?

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Deficiency symptoms of mobile elements are first seen in

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How many ATP molecules are required for the formation of 4N*H_{3} through symbiotic N_{2} fixation?

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Which option is incorrect w.r.t. potassium?

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Which nitrogenous compound in plant have the function of nitrogen storage

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Which one is not a criterion for essentiality of elements for plants?

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The elements which are required for cementing layer formation between two adjacent plant cells are following

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This is regarding the set-up designed for hydroponics where the glass vessel containing defined nutrient solution is covered with black paper .  This practice is done

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Deficiency of which element causes Grey spots in oat

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The given equation refers to

N_{2} + 8e ^ - 8 * H ^ 16 * ATP -> 2N*H_{3} + H_{2} + 16ADP + 16Pi

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Read the following statements

A. Solution culture experiment contains defined mineral solution

B. A defined mineral solution is with all the essential elements in proper proportion

C. It is used at commercial scale for producing some crops

D. By eliminating specific minerals from the solution, during hydroponics, the deficiency symptom of a particular element can be tested

How many of the above mentioned statements are  correct?

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