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Plant Growth and Development - NEET BOTANY

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Which of the following statements is incorrect regarding growth?

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Which of the following plant hormones has following effects?

(i) Xylem differentiation

(ii) Root formation

(iii) Prevent abscission of young plant parts.

(iv) Act as a selective herbicide

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Malting process in brewing industry is promoted by which PGR ?

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Which of the following is/are example(s) of natural auxin ?

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Most widely used PGR in agriculture is

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With respect to seed dormancy ABA is the antagonistic to PGR

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The site of perception for photoperiodic response (light/dark) in plants is

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A synthetic product, N ^ 6 - furfurylamino purine, is a/an

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Which of the following characteristics are associated with auxin ?

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Which of the following features is associated with the cells in meristematic phase or cell division phase?

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The response of plants to changes in the relative lengths of day and night is called

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Cytokinin is related to all, except

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By which action a seed coat can be softened o weakened ?

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Decapitation usually results in the growth of

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Who performed the experiments using canary grass to demonstrate the curvature of tip?

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Stimulus for vernalization is perceived by

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Which of the following plant is not an example of long day plant?

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Cytokinin induced delay in senescence (aging) of leaves and other organs by controlling protein synthesis and mobilization of nutrients as resources is termed as

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Precursor of auxin is

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Which of the following characterstics is associated with the cells in elongation phase ?

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can cause seed dormancy ?

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Ethylene is related to all, except

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Most widely used PGR in agriculture

a. Is formed from methionine

b. Can fit in both categories i.e. inhibitor and promoter of growth

C. Promotes root growth and root hair formation

d. Increasing male flowers in cucumber

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In which of the following plants leaves of the juvenile phase are different in shape from those in mature phase ?

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Shelf life of cut shoot is increased by applying

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Choose odd one out with respect to vernalisation

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Read the sentences carefully

(A) Ethylene shows triple response

(B) Abscisic acid promotes seed maturation and dormancy

(C) Auxins show bolting

(D) GA shows polar transport

The correct ones are

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Find the incorrect statement with respect to auxins:

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Measure of growth in an algal filament is

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What is not true for vivipary?

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Read the statement carefully

A. When the inhibition of seed germination is caused by external factors, it is called dormancy

B. When seeds do not germinate due to intrinsic factor, it is called quiescence

C. Dormancy can be caused due to impermeable seed coat

D. Presence of redumentary embryo also hinders seed germination Which of the above statements are incorrect?

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Find the correct statement with respect to cytokinin

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Which PGR is present in coconut milk and yeast extract DNA?

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Which of the following decreases sensitivity of roots to gravity?

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Find the odd one out with respect to seed germination

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In which case auxin and cytokinins show antagonistic action ?

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Which one is not a case of differentiation ?

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Both stem and petiole elongation in submerged and partially submerged aquatic plants are promoted by

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Find the incorrect match from the following

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Read these statements carefully

A. Growth is associated with high degree of metabolic activities

B. Growth rate is constant from the very beginning and progresses arithmatically throughout the life C. Stationary phase occurs due to shortage of space, food or accumulation of toxins

D. Water maintains turdigity of growing cells How many of the above statements is/are incorrect?

How many of the above statement is/are incorrect?

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