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Physics all Chapters Combined Mock test to Score 90+ in MHTCET Exam – 01

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Physics all Chapters Combined Mocktest - 01

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Angular speed of hour of a clock in degree per second is

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A cyclist taking turn bends inwards while a car passenger taking same turn is thrown outwards. The reason is

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For a particle moving in the vertical circle, the total energy at different positions along the path

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A disc of radius ‘R’ and thickness R/6 has moment of inertia ‘I’ about an axis passing through its centre and perpendicular to its plane. Disc is melted and recast into a solid sphere. This moment of inertia of sphere about its diameter is

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The pressure at the bottom of liquid tank is not proportional to the

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Molecules on the surface of the liquid have

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The perfect gas equation for 4 g of hydrogen gas is

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Gases exert pressure on the walls of the container because of the gas molecules

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If the amount of heat given to a system is 35 J and the amount of work done on the system is 15 J, then the change in internal energy of the system is

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In diesel engine the cylinder compresses air from S.T.P to about 1/16 the original volume and a pressure of 50 atmosphere. The temperature of the compressed air is nearly

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In which of the following process heat is neither absorbed nor released by a system?

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The distance covered by a particle undergoing SHM in one time period is (amplitude = A)

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If the period of the oscillation of mass m suspended from a springs is 2 s, then the period of mass 4 m will be

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Stationary waves antinodes are the points where there is

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The waves set up in a closed pipe are

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It is possible to recognise a person by hearing this voice even if he is hidden behind a solid wall. This is due to the fact that his voice

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According to corpuscular theory of light which is not the property of light

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For a radiation of 9 GHz passing through air. The number of waves passing through 1 m length is

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Will light is refracted from a surface which of its following physical parameters does not change?

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A charge Q is enclosed by a Gaussian spherical surface of radius R. If the radius is doubled then the outwork electric flux will

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A moving positive charge approaches a negative charge. What will happen to the potential energy of the system?

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The system of two charges separated by a certain distance apart stores electrical potential energy. If the distance between them is increased, the potential energy of the system,

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Nature of equipotential surface for a point charge is

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Kirchhoff’s junction rule is a reflection of

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Six wires, each of resistance r, are connected so as to form a tetrahedron. The equivalent resistance of the combination when current enters through one corner and leaves through same other corner is

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A potentiometer is an accurate and versatile device to make electrical mechanical measurements of E.M.F because the method involves

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Positively charged particle projected towards east is deflected towards north by a magnetic field. The magnetic field may be

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A cyclotron is used to accelerate

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If a velocity has both perpendicular and parallel components while moving through a magnetic field, what is the path followed by a charged particle?

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The gyromagnetic ratio of an electron = _____specific charge of an electron

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The ratio of magnetic dipole moment of an electron of charge ‘e’ and mass ‘m’ in Bohr’s orbit in hydrogen atom to its angular momentum is

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A coil having effective area A, is held with its plane normal to a magnetic field of induction B the magnetic induction is quickly reduced to 25% of its initial value in 2 s. then e.m.f. induced across the coil will

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A Straight conductor 0.1 m long moves in a uniform magnetic field of 0.1 T. The velocity of the conductor is 15 m/s and is directed perpendicular to the field. The e.m.f. induced between the two ends of the
conductor is

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A capacitor ‘C’ is connected across a DC source, the reactance of capacitor will be_____.

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In the series LCR circuit, the power dissipation is through

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One moving electron when comes closer to other stationary electron then its kinetic energy and potential energy respectively ______ and ______.

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The de-Broglie wavelength ‘λ’ of a particle

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Which one of the series of hydrogen spectrum is in the visible region?

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Number of spectral line in hydrogen atom is

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The period of revolution of an electron in the ground state of hydrogen atom is T. The period of revolution of the electron in the first excited state is

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Constant DC voltage is required from a variable AC voltage which of the following is correct order of operation?

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In a half wave rectifier the AC input source of frequency 50 Hz is used. The fundamental frequency of the output is

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Which of the following semi-conducting devices is used as voltage regulator?

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