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Biological Classification Mock Test | Neet Botany Test Series

Chapter Name :Biological Classification
Subject :Biology(Botany)
Exam :Neet Medical Exam
Mock Test :Biological Classification Mock Test
Given Time 50 Minutes Approx
No of Question50 Question

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Biological Classification- NEET (Botany)

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Which one is true for Rhizopus

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Which one is not a feature of most of monerans?

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Read the following statements carefully and identify the correct statements with respect to Lichen

A. The association can tolerate air pollution especially SO₂

B. Lichen can grow very fast

C. Soredia are most efficient means of asexual reproduction

D. Crustose is a type of lichen

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Which of the following fungus belongs to Zygomycetes ?

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Protozoans are

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Which of the following is primarily photosynthetic?

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In some protists cell wall is absent but a proteinaceous (elastic) structure covering called. 'pellicle' is present in

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The protists have

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Select the incorrect match

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Choose odd one, with respect to Agaricus

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The earliest attempt to classify living organisms was done by

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70S ribosomes, chromatophores, circular DNA are mesosomes are found in

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Lichens indicators of air pollution, mainly of

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Which of the following statements is correct about mycorrhiza?

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Which protozoan has an infectious spore like stage in their life cycle?

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Bioluminescent members are

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Locomotory structures are absent in which of the following protozoans?

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Which of the following statements is incorrect about diatoms?

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Which of the following spores are produced exogenously?

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Find the incorrect match

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Which of the following is a dinoflagellate?

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Dikaryotic condition is represented by

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Which of the following feature show living nature of virus?

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Endospores are actually the means not

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Which one is not concerned with mesosome?

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Find out the number of eubacteria from the box given below

{Nostoc, Halococcus, Thermoplasma, Streptomyces, Bacillus, Methanococcus, Trichodesmium, Mycoplasma, Halobacterium, Pseudomonas}

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Read the statements carefully and find the correct option with respect to monerans.

(A) Membrane bound organelles absent

(B) Respiratory enzymes are only associated with cytoplasm

(C) Some bacteria are autotrophic but majority are heterotrophic

(D) Cell wall always lacks NAM and NAG

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Mark the odd one (with respect to prions)

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Most of the viruses are/have

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There exists a close association between the alga and the fungus within a lichen. The fungus

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Which of the following pair belongs to class basidiomycetes

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Select the correct statement

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Read the following statements

(A) The site of respiration in bacteria is mesosome

(B) The DNA of Escherichia coli is double stranded and linear

(C) Photosynthetic bacteria have pigments in


(D) Archaebacteria are oldest living beings

How many of the above statements are correct?

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Kingdom Protista contains

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Select the odd one out with respect to the kingdom Monera

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Cyanobacteria or blue green algae can adaptively change their body colour according to different wavelengths of available light. This is called

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A few organisms are known to grow and multiply at temperature as high as 80°C and pH as low as 2. They are

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Azotobacter and Beijerinckia are the examples of

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Coenocytic mycelium occurs in members of

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In the five-kingdom classification, Chlamydomonas and Euglena have been placed in

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