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Chapter Name :The Living World Mock Test
Subject :Biology(Botany)
Exam :Neet Medical Exam
Mock Test :The Living World Mock Test
Given Time 50 Minutes Approx
No of Question50

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The Living World- NEET (Botany)

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Rules of virus classification are standardized by

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Unit of new systematics is

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Phylogenetic classification is one which is based on

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Chemicals used for poisoning the specimens in herbarium technique is

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Isolated metabolic reactions in-vitro are

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A group of taxa representing the same rank of taxonomic hierarchy is

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Self-consciousness is the property of

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Which of the following taxon has the least number of similar characters?

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Which of the following "Suffixes" is used for family in plant kingdom?

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The term 'Systematics' refers to

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Biological museums.

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Scientific names of virus and bacteria respectively are standardised by

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Which of the following is not common among rat, dog and monkey?

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The international size of the herbarium sheet is

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Read the following statements (A-D)

(A) Key contains set of contrasting characters

(B) Museum is a place used for conservation and exhibition of both plants and animals
(C) Botanical garden is in-situ conservation strategy of plants

(D) 0.1% HgCl₂ is used as preservative solution in museum How many of the above statements are true?

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The following contains information of any one taxon

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Wheat and brinjal share common taxon, ____ of taxonomic hierarchy

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Basic unit of biosystematics is

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Which of the following is a defining feature of living beings?

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Index to the plant species found in an area with the actual account of habitat and distribution are present in

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Scientific names of liverworts and reptiles are standardised by

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Animals, mammals and dogs represent

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Read the following statements (A-D)

(A) Herbaria serve as quick source of reference

(B) Herbaria help in beta taxonomic research

(C) Preservative solution used in museum is formalin

(D) Key is a natural analytical device

How many of the above statements are true?

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Systematics is taxonomy along with

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Which of the following is correct?

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Growth and reproduction are mutually inclusive events in

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Non-living objects differ from living organisms as the former

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How many of the following taxa represent hierarchy above family?

{Canidae, Polymoniales, Brassicaceae, Diptera, Poales, Anacardiaceae}

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Biological concept of species was pioneered by

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Each statement of the key is called_____while a pair is known as _____.

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The book containing informations about the actual account of habitat and distribution of various plants of given area is called

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Which one is a primary function of the herbarium?

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Convolvulaceae and Solanaceae are kept under order polymoniales because they have similar:

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Which one shows true regeneration?

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Read the following statements

A. Taxonomical aids which are useful in providing information for identification of names of species found in area are Manuals

B. Linnaeus used binomial system of nomenclature with respect to plants for the first time in Systema Naturae

C. Three domain system of classification by Carl Woese is based on 16 S rRNA gene

D. Set of contrasting characters (in pairs) in a key called lead

How many of the above statements are correct?

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A group of related genus forms a group of related orders forms while a

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Select the odd one out with respect to taxonomic categories of classifications of plants

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A group of plants or animals with similar traits at any rank is

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The living organisms can be unexceptionally distinguished from non-living things on the basis of their ability of

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Which of the following is incorrect for reproduction?

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Choose the correct option with respect to the taxonomic key

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Which one is the correct sequence for herbarium technique?

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Which one is not an obligate category?

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Which one is most important for modern classification?

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Binomial epithet includes

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The correct Sequence of taxonomic categories is

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The subject that deals with the classification of organisms based on their evolutionary history and establishing their phylogeny on the totality of various parameters from all fields of studies, is known as

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In Acacia nilotica nilotica represent

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The defining feature of living beings that can be demonstrated in cell free system is

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