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Aldehydes, ketones and carboxylic acid Mocktest Mhtcet 2023

1 Introduction
2 Classification of aldehydes, ketones and carboxylic acids
3 Nomenclature of aldehydes, ketones and carboxylic acids
4 Preparation of aldehydes and ketones
5 Preparation of carboxylic acids
6 Physical properties
7 Polarity of carbonyl
8 Chemical properties of aldehydes and ketones
9 Chemical properties of carboxylic acids


#1. Which of the following can be categorized as amine?

#2. Amines are considered as the organic derivatives of ____

#3. The functional group in secondary amines is known as_____.

#4. Isopropylamine is an example of______.

#5. When all the three hydrogen atoms of ammonia molecule are replaced by aryl groups, then the corresponding amine obtained is_____ amine.

#6. Common name of N, N-dimethylbenzenamine_____.

#7. IUPAC name of benzylamine is

#8. Reduction of aromatic Nitro compound using LiAIH4 in ether gives corresponding

#9. Na/ethonal is a good____.

#10. The conversion of alkyl cyanides into amines by sodium and ethanol is called

#11. Alkyl cyanide on reduction produces

#12. In which of the following compounds, intermolecular hydrogen bonds are not found

#13. _____ can be prepared exclusively by Gabriel phthalimide synthesis.

#14. Primary amine containing one carbon atom less than the starting reactant can be prepared by

#15. With increase in carbon atoms, the boiling point of aliphatic amines____.

#16. Lower aliphatic amines possesses characteristic ____ odour.

#17. An Aqueous solution of ethylamine

#18. Orange dye test indicates presence of ____ amino group.

#19. Reaction between diazonium fluoroborate and sodium nitrate in presence of copper replaces diazonium group with___.

#20. Primary amine gives ___ test.

#21. Hinsberg's reagent is

#22. In amines, the hybridisation state of N is

#23. Aniline reacts with bromine water at room temperature to give

#24. Direct nitration of aniline yields ____ nitroaniline.

#25. -NH2 group in aniline is ____ group.

#26. Ethanamine on acetylation using ethanoyl chloride gives____.

#27. Examples of primary amine is/are____.

#28. which of the following is an example of symmetrical amine

#29. Quaternary ammonium halide reacts with moist silver oxide to produce

#30. Carbylamine test is performed in alcoholic KOH by heating a mixture of____.


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