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Coordination Compounds Mocktest Mhtcet 2023


1 Introduction
2 Types of ligands
3 Terms used in coordination chemistry
4 Classification of complexes
5 IUPAC nomenclature of coordination compounds
6 Effective atomic number rule
7 Isomerism in coordination compounds.
8 Stability of coordination compounds
9 Theories of bonding in complexes
10 Application of coordination compounds

Mocktest Online Test Series of Coordination Compounds


#1. Coordination compounds contain ligands attached to central metal atom/ion through contain ligands ____bonds.

#2. Ammonia molecule and oxalate ion have coordination sites respectively.

#3. An ambidentate ligand is the one which____.

#4. Which among the following ligands is/are polydentate ligand(s)? nitrate

#5. Among the given ligands, which is a negatively charged?

#6. A discrete structural unit in which central metal ion and ligands linked to it are enclosed in a square bracket is called

#7. According to Werner, there are two spheres (zones) of attraction around the central metal ion. The inner sphere is the___. and the outer sphere is the____.

#8. The coordination number of a central metal atom in a complex is determined by the number of____.

#9. According to Werner's theory, primary valence is satisfied by____.

#10. Identify Lewis acid(s) in cisplatin.

#11. Identify the INCORRECT statement with respect to coordination compound, cisplatin.

#12. Bidentate ligand is_____.

#13. The donor sites of EDTA ligand are

#14. In complex, the coordination number is the____.

#15. Which of the following statements INCORRECT about coordination number?

#16. The coordination number and oxidation number of M in the complex,[M(NH3)SO4]Cl are

#17. An example for a double salt is___.

#18. Which of the following statements is INCORRECT about Werner's theory?

#19. When AgNO3 is added to a solution of CoC13.5NH3, the precipitate of AgCl shows two ionizable chloride ions. This that means____.

#20. ChlorophtII is a complex of____.


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