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Transition and Inner Transition elements Mhtcet Mocktest 2023

Start your preparation by We prepared chapter wise mock test papers in the form of quiz We are ready with Enhanced Valuable mock test series. In this test series Transition and Inner Transition elements all important concepts subtopics are covered.

Transition and Inner Transition Online Test Mhtcet 2023.

Important Subtopics to be covered before giving Mhtcet Examination.

1 Transition (d block) elements
2 Trends in atomic properties of the first transition series
3 Compounds of Mn and Cr (KMNO4 and K2Cr,O7)
4 Common properties of d block elements
5 Metallurgy
6 Inner transition (f block) elements

Mhtcet Chemistry Mocktest 2023

Domocktest Digital platform created a Online test Series for Mhtcet examination. This is state level exam conducted by Maharashtra Test cell for Students to take admission in different college’s all over Maharashtra for qualifying degrees like engineering and B pharmacy.


Practice Makes a Man Paerfet

#1. The following statements are CORRECT, EXCEPT

#2. The highest oxidation state shown by any transition element is_____.

#3. Oxidation state of osmium (Os) in OsO4 is____.

#4. Which metal is found in free state?

#5. The mineral which contains high percentage of the metal and from which the metal can be extracted economically is called____.

#6. Which of the following statement is NOT CORRECT?

#7. FeS2 is____.

#8. Which of the following is a mineral of zinc?

#9. A process of extracting metals from aqueous solutions of their salts using suitable reducing agents is called____.

#10. ____is the fourth most abundant element in the earth's crust.

#11. The sand, mud and other unwanted impurities which remain mixed in the ore deposit are called____.

#12. Which of the following statement is INCORRECT?

#13. How many of the following are 4d transition series elements? Zr, Ti, La, Cd, Mn, Ag, Hg.

#14. The last element of 5d series is___.

#15. Identify the INCORRECT statement.

#16. The number of unpaired electrons in Co2+ ion is____.

#17. The total number of s electrons in Cu+ ion is____.

#18. The ionization enthalpies of transition metals is____ s-block elements and___ p-block elements.

#19. The CORRECT order of decreasing second ionization enthalpy of Ti(22), V(23), Cr(24) and Mn(25) is___.

#20. For a transition metal ion having seven electrons in its d-subshell, the spin-only magnetic moment will be___.


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