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Physics all Chapters Combined Mock test to Score 90+ in MHTCET Exam – 02

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Physics all Chapters Combined Mocktest - 02

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The ratio of angular speed of a second-hand to the hour-hand of a watch is

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A liquid drop having surface energy ‘E’ is spread into 512 droplets of same size. The final surface energy of the droplets is

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With an increase in temperature, surface tension of a liquid (except molten cadmium and copper)

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When an ideal monatomic gas is heated at constant pressure, fraction of heat energy supplied which increases the internal energy of gas, is

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A die atomic gas (ϒ = 1.4) does 300 J work when it is expanded isobarically. The heat given to the gas in this process is

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The efficiency of an ideal heat engine working between the freezing point and boiling point of a water, is

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A given sample of an ideal gas occupies a volume V at a pressure P and absolute temperature T. The mass of each molecule of the gas is m. Which of the following gives the density of the gas?

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R.M.S. velocity of oxygen molecules at N.T.P is 0.5 km/s. The R.M.S velocity for the hydrogen molecule at N.T.P is

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Increase in temperature of a gas filled in a container would lead to:

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A particle is executing S.H.M. of periodic time ‘T‘. The time taken by a particle in moving from mean position to half the maximum displacement is (sin 30o = 0.5)

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A body of mass m is attached to the lower end of a spring whose upper end is fixed. The spring has negligible mass. When the mass m is slightly pulled down and released, it oscillates with a time period of
3 s. When the mass m is increased by 1 kg, the time period of oscillations become 5 s The value of m in kg is

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A thin bar magnet oscillates with a time period T. If it is cut into equal pieces along its axis, time period of oscillation of each piece is

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A pipe closed at one end has length 83 centimetre the number of possible natural oscillations of air column whose frequencies lie below 1000 HZ are (velocity of sound in air = 332 m/s)

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The fundamental frequency of a closed organ pipe of length 20 cm is equal to the second overtone for an organ pipe open at both the ends . The length of organ open at both the ends is

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A string is vibrating in its fifth overtone between two rigid supports 2.4 m apart. The distance between successive node and antinode is

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Wavefront is the locus of all points, where the particles of the medium vibrate with the same

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According to Huygens principle during refraction of light from air to a denser medium

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The polarizing angle of glass is 57 degree. A ray of light which is incident at this angle will have an angle of refraction as

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The ratio of intensities of two waves is 9 : 1. They are producing interface. The ratio of maximum and minimum intensities will be

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A metal sphere of 25 cm radius carries a charge of 65 nC, absolute potential is

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The resistances in left and right gap of a meter bridge are 20 Ω and 30 Ω respectively when the resistance in the left gap is reduced to half its value the balance point shifts by

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In potentiometer experiment, null point is obtained at a particular point for a cell on potentiometer wire x cm long. If the length of the potentiometer wire is increased without changing the cell, the balancing
length will (Deriving source not changed)

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A charged particle is released from rest in a region of study and uniform electric and magnetic fields which are parallel to each other. The particle will move in a

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Two current carrying coils has radii r and 2r and have same magnetic induction at their centres. the ratio of voltage applied across them

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A bar magnet of magnetic moment 20 J/T lies allied with the direction of a uniform magnetic field of 0.25 T. The amount of work required to turn the magnet so as to align its magnetic movement normal to the field direction is

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A thin bar magnet oscillates with a time period T. If it is cut into two equal pieces along its axis, time period of oscillation of each piece is

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The magnetic susceptibility is negative for

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A multimeter reads a voltage of a certain A.C. source as 100 V. What is the peak value of voltage of A.C. source?

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When inductance of 1 Henry is connected to 200 volts, 50 Hz source, the maximum value of the current is

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The LC parallel resonant circuit

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The minimum energy required to eject an electron from the metal surface is called

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The maximum kinetic energy of the photo electrons depends only on

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If E and p are the energy and the momentum of a photon respectively, then on reducing the wavelength of photon

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In a photo electric experiment, if both d intensity and frequency of the incident light are doubled, then the saturation photo electric current

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The ratio of wavelengths of the last line of Balmer series and the last line of Lyman series is

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When an electron in hydrogen atom revolves in stationary orbit, it

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Half-life of a radioactive substance is 20 minutes. Difference between points of time when it is 33% disintegrated and 67% disintegrated is approximately

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In common base circuit of a transistor, current amplification factor is 0.95. Calculate the emitter current if base current is 0.2 mA

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LED constructed by Silicon carbide, Zinc selenide emit radiation of ______

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