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Magnetic Material Physics Mocktest Mhtcet

Magnetic Material Physics Mocktest Mhtcet 2023. Magnetic Material is an important concept in Physics Mhtcet, and it forms an essential part of the MHT CET 2023 syllabus. This mock test is designed to help students sharpen their understanding of rotation dynamics and its implication on the syllabus. It provides a comprehensive set of questions to assess the student’s understanding on rotation dynamics and its importance in the syllabus. The test has been prepared by experts and is updated regularly to ensure that it keeps up with the changing MHT CET syllabus.

  1. Torque Acting on a Magnetic Dipole in a Uniform Magnetic Field
  2. Origin of Magnetism in Materials
  3. Magnetization and Magnetic Intensity
  4. Magnetic Properties of Materials
  5. Hysteresis
  6. Permanent Magnet and Electromagnet
  7. Magnetic Shielding


#1. When a bar magnet is placed in a uniform magnetic field, it experience

#2. When a magnetic dipole is placed along the direction of the field, the energy possessed by the dipole is

#3. Magnetic materials can be easily magnetized if magnetic susceptibility is

#4. A permanent magnet can be made from which one of the following substance?

#5. Water is

#6. An example of a diamagnetic substance is

#7. Permeability of diamagnetic materials are

#8. When a gas is introduced between the pole pieces of a magnet, it spreads at right angle to the magnetic field. The gas is

#9. Most of the substance show which of the following types of magnetism?

#10. Which of the following is ferromagnetic?

#11. Domain formation is a necessary feature of

#12. Magnetic permeability of ferromagnetic substance is

#13. Susceptibility of ferromagnetic substance is

#14. The substance which are strongly attracted by the magnet are

#15. The property possessed by only ferromagnetic substance is

#16. In the hysteresis cycle, the value of H needed to make the intensity of magnetisation zero is called

#17. Which of the following is most suitable for the core of electromagnets ?

#18. Soft iron is used for making electromagnets because it

#19. Magnetic permeability is maximum for

#20. The given figure represent a material which is


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