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Physics All Chapters Combined Mock test MHT-CET 2023-04

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Physics all Chapters Combined Mocktest - 04

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In vertical circular motion, the ratio of kinetic energy of a particle at highest point to that at lowest point is

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The M.I of a uniform disc about the diameter is I. Its M.I about an axis perpendicular to its plane and passing through a point on its rim is

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If a hollow cylinder and a solid cylinder are allowed to roll down an inclined plane, which will take more time to reach the bottom?

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In a capillary tube having area of cross-section ‘A’, water rises to a height ‘h’. If ncross-sectional area is reduced to ‘A’/9, the rise of water in the capillary tube is

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Two solid spheres of same metal but of mass M and 8M fall simultaneously on a viscous liquid and their terminal velocities are v and nv, then value of n is

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The mean energy of a molecule of an ideal gas is

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The colour of a star depends upon its

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An ideal gas A and a real gas B have their volumes increased from V to 2V under isothermal conditions. The increase in internal energy

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A carnot engine takes 300 calories of heat from a source at 500 K and rejects 150 calories of heat to the sink. The temperature of the sink is

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A diatomic gas undergoes same change of temperature by two different processes (i) at constant volume and (ii) at constant pressure. The heat supplied in the two cases will be in the ratio of

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A particle moves in x – y plane according to rule, x = a sin ωt. The particle follows

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A simple harmonic progressive wave is represented by y = A sin (100 πt + 3x). The distance between two points on the wave at a phase difference of π/3 radian is

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An open and closed organ pipe have the same length. The ratio of ‘p’th mode of frequency of vibration of air in two pipes is

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If the end correction of an open pipe is 0.8 cm, then which of the following statements is not true?

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If Young’s double slit experiment is done with white light, which of the following statements will be true?

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Light is incident at an angle i on glass slab. The reflected rays completely polarised. The angle of refraction is

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A system of two charges separated by a certain distance apart stores electrical potential energy. If the distance between them is increased, the potential energy of the system,

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The difference in the effective capacity of two similar capacitors when joined in series and then in parallel is 6 μF. The capacity of each capacitor is

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Eight drops of mercury of equal radii and possessing equal charges combine to form a big drop. The capacitance of bigger drop as compared to capacitance of each individual drop is

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In a metre bridge experiment, when a nichrome wire is in the right gap, the balancing length is 60cm. When the nichrome wire is uniformly stretched to increase its length by 20% and again
connected in the right gap balancing length is nearly

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Voltmeter cannot be used to measure emf of a cell but potentiometer can be used to measure emf of a cell because

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A galvanometer of resistance 50 Ω giving full scale deflection for a current of 10 milliampere is to be changed into a voltmeter of range 100 V.
A resistance of _____Ω has to be connected in series with the galvanometer.

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In a cyclotron of charged particle

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A current loop in a magnetic field

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Of the following, paramagnetic substance is

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In which of the following devices, the eddy current effect is not used?

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Consider of solenoid carrying supplied by a source with a constant emf containing iron core inside it. When the core is pulled out of the solenoid, the change in current will

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The output power in set up transformer used in practice is _______.

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In an AC circuit, current is 3A and voltage 210 V and power is 63 W. The power factor is

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The yellow C parallel resonant circuit

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In photoelectric experiment, if both the intensity and frequency of the incident light are doubled, then the saturation photoelectric current

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The energy of the em waves is of the order of 50 keV. To which part of the spectrum does it belong?

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Find the de-Broglie wavelength of an electron with kinetic energy of 120 eV

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Which particles were used in Geiger-Marsden experiment?

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According to the classical theory, the Rutherford atom was

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The number of de-Brogile wavelength contained in the second Bohr orbit of Hydrogen atom is

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To obtain full wave rectification, we require

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Which gate can be obtained by shorting both the input terminals of a NOR gate.

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Which of the following is NOT an application of photodiode?

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