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Physics all Chapters Combined Mock test to Score 90+ in MHTCET Exam – 03

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Physics all Chapters Combined Mocktest - 03

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The angular separation between the minute hand and hour hand of a clock at 12:20 pm is

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A mass attached to one end of a string crosses top-most point on a vertical circle with critical speed. It's centripetal acceleration when string becomes horizontal will be (g = gravitational acceleration)

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A solid sphere is rotating freely about its symmetry axis in free space. The radius of the sphere is increased keeping its mass same. Which of the following physical quantities would remain constant for the sphere?

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Water rises to a height ‘h’ in capillary tube. If the length of capillary tube above the surface of water is made less than ‘h’, then:

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Clouds float in air due to

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An ideal gas has pressure ‘P’, volume ‘V’ and absolute temperature ‘T’. If ‘m’ is the mass of each molecule and ‘K’ is the Boltzmann constant then density of the gas is

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Ratio of pressures exerted by 2 gases is 3 : 2 add there densities are in the ratio 2 : 3. The ratio of their R.M.S. velocities is

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An ideal gas is compressed to half its initial value by means of several processes. Which of the process results in the maximum work done on the gas?

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If the temperature of the source and the sink of carnot engine are increased by the same amount, the efficiency of the engine

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Average velocity of a particle executing SHM in one complete vibration is:

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Work done for a certain spring when stretched through 1 mm is 10 joule. The amount of work that must be done on the spring to stretch it further by 1 mm is

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In fundamental mode, the time required for the sound wave to reach up to the closed end of a pipe filled with air is 0.01 s. The frequency of vibration of air column is

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Wire having tension 225 N produces six beats per second when it is tuned with a fork. When tension changes to 256 N, it is tuned with the same fork, the number of beats remain unchanged. The frequency of
the fork will be

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A ray of light travelling through rarer medium is incident at very small angle ‘i’ on a glass slab and after refraction its velocity is reduced by 20%. The angle of deviation is

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A plane polarised light is incident normally on a tourmaline plate. It’s E vectors make an angle of 60 degree with the optic axis of the plate. Find the percentage difference between initial and final intensities.

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The angular spread of central maximum, in diffraction pattern, does not depend on _______.

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A hollow metal sphere of radius R is uniformly charged. The electric field due to the sphere at a distance r from the centre:

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8 drops of mercury of the equal radii and possessing equal charges combined to form our big drop. The capacitance images of bigger drop as compared to capacitance of each individual drop is

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Two batteries with e.m.f. 12 V and 13 V are connected in parallel across a load resistor of 10 Ω. The internal resistances of the two batteries are 1 Ω and 2 Ω respectively. The voltage across the load lies between:

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Two unknown resistances are connected in 2 gaps of the metrebridge. The null point is obtained at 40 cm from left end. A 30 Ω resistance is connected in series with the smaller of the 2 resistances, the null point shifts by 20 cm to the right end. The value of smaller resistance in Ω is

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Shunt wire should be ___

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A charge moves in circular path perpendicular to magnetic field. The time period of revolution is independent of

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Equal currents are passing through two very long and straight parallel wires in the same direction. They will _____

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The magnetic susceptibility of paramagnetic materials is

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A susceptibility of a certain magnetic material is 400. What is the class of the magnetic material?

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Eddy currents are produced in a material when it is

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A solenoid of inductance 2 H carries a current 1 A. What is the magnetic energy stored in a solenoid?

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The LC parallel resonant circuit

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Same current is flowing in two AC circuits. First contains only inductance and second contains only capacitance. If frequency of AC is increased for both, the current will

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The potential differences across the resistance, capacitance and inductance are 80 V, 40 V and 100 V respectively in an L-C-R circuit. The power factor of this circuit is

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The work function of a photosensitive material is 4.0 eV. The longest wavelength of light that can cause photon emission from the substance is (approximately)

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If the kinetic energy of the particle is increased to 16 times its previous value, the percentage change in the de-Broglie wavelength of the particle is

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If λ1 and λ2 are the wavelength of the first numbers of the Lyman and Paschen series respectively. Then λ1 : λ2 _____

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The total energy of an electron revolving in the second orbit of hydrogen atom is

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If the half-life of a radioactive element is 10 hr, it’s average life = ____

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The process of conversion of alternating current into direct current is called as

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Zener diode is used as

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Which gate can be obtained by shorting both the input terminals of a NOR gate.

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