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Superposition of waves Mocktest Mhtcet 2023

Superposition of waves subtopics for preparing Mhtcet exam 2023.

1. Introduction
2. Progressive Wave
3. Reflection of Waves, Superposition of Waves ·
4. Stationary Waves ,Free and Forced Vibrations Harmonics and Overtones
5. Sonometer
6. Beats
7. Characteristics of Sound
8. Musical instruments

Start the Mocktest of Superposition of waves.


#1. Progressive wavw with doubly periodic motion means

#2. A pulse on the string is inverted , when it is reflected from

#3. At nodes , the velocity of stationary wave is

#4. The example oisf forced vibration

#5. Pleasing sounds are produced

#6. The string of a sonometer is plucked so as to make it vibrate in one segment . the sound produced is called

#7. Loudness can be increased by

#8. A series of notes separated by fixed musical intervals constitude

#9. Energy is not carried by which of the following waves.

#10. Resonance occurs when

#11. On increasing the temperature , the frequency of note emitted by an organ pipe

#12. An organ pipe closed at one end has fundamental frequency of 1500 hz . the maximum number of overtones generated by this pipe which a normal person can hear is

#13. If vabration of a string are to be string increased by a factor of two , then tension in the string must be made

#14. Beats are produced due to

#15. When two sound waves are superimposed , beats are produced when they have

#16. The loudness and pitch of a sound depends on

#17. The waves set up in a closed pipe are

#18. The fundamental frequency of a closed organ pipe of length 20 cm is equal to the second overtone of an organ pipe open at both the ends . the length of organ pipe open at both the ends is

#19. In sonometer experiment , the bridges are separated by a fixed distance . the wire which is slightly elastic , emits a tone of frequency 'n' when held by tension ' t' . if the tension is increased to '4t' , the tone emitted by the wire will be of frequency

#20. It is possible to recognize a person by hearing is voice even if he is hidden behind a solid wall . this is due to the fact that his voice


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