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Waves Optics Mocktest Mhtcet 2023

These are Sub content of Waves Optics for Mhtcet examination.

  • Introduction
  • Nature of Light 
  • Light as a Wave
  • Huygens’ Theory 
  • Reflection of Light at a Plane Surface
  • Refraction of Light at a Plane Boundary Between Two Media 
  • Polarization 
  • Interference
  • Diffraction of Light
  • Resolving Power

Mocktest of Waves Optics is live !

  • Name of Test: Waves Optics
  • Subject: Physics(12th)
  • Marks per question: 2 Marks
  • No. of Questions: 20 Questions
  • Total Marks of Test: 40 Marks


#1. Newton's corpuscular theory of light fails to explain

#2. In a medium , differnt colours of light travel with

#3. different colours of light are due to

#4. Direction of wavefront of a wave with wave motion is

#5. The wavefront due to a source situated at infinity is

#6. Longitudinal waves do not exhibit

#7. Which of the following cannot be polarised

#8. The polarisation of an electromagnetic wave is determined by

#9. The centre of interfrence pattern

#10. Intensity of light depends on

#11. If the amplitudes of the two interfering waves are not equal , then the dark point formed in the interfrence pattern will have ........ intensity

#12. Which of the following pairs denotes coherent soures

#13. If yellow light in the young's double slit expriment ie replaced by red light , the frings width will

#14. In vacuum optical path is

#15. A microscope will have maximum resolving power if it is used to illuminate the specimen with

#16. If the aperture of the abjective of a telescope is decreased , then its resolving power

#17. A spherical wavefront propagating in a medium will change into

#18. In the double-slit experiment , the distance of the second dark frings from the central line is 3 mm . the distance of the fourth bright fringe from the central line is

#19. Wavefront is the focus of all points , where the particle of the medium vibrate with the same

#20. When light is reflected from a surface , which of its following physical parameter does not change


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