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Physics all Chapters Combined Mock test MHTCET 2023 – 05

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Physics all Chapters Combined Mocktest - 05

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Which of the following statement is false?
centripetal force and centrifugal force

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A mass m is attached to a thin wire and whirled in a vertical circle. The wire is most likely to break when:

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Which of the following is not correct?

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When a mass is rotating in a plane about a fixed point, it’s angular momentum is directed along

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A 20 cm long capillary tube is dipped vertically in water and the liquid rises up to 10 cm. If the entire system is kept in a freely falling platform, the length of water column in the tube will be

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In motors, more viscous oil is used in summer than in winter due to

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Consider an ideal gas at pressure P, volume V and temperature T. The mean free path for molecules of the gas is L. If the radius of the gas molecules, as well as pressure, volume and temperature of the gas are doubled, then the mean free path will be

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Pressure of an ideal gas is increased by keeping temperature constant. The kinetic energy of the molecules

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A piece of iron is heated in a flame. It first becomes dull red then becomes reddish yellow and finally turns to white hot. The correct explanation for the above observation is possible by using

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During an isothermal expansion, a confined ideal gas does -150 J of work against its surrounding. This implies that

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When the absolute temperature of the source of a Carnot heat engine is increased by 25%, its efficiency increases by 80%. The new efficiency of the engine is

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A diatomic ideal gas is used in Carnot engine as the working substance. If during the adiabatic expansion part of the cycle, the volume of the gas increases from V to 32 V, the efficiency of the engine is

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Which of the following equations does not represent or simple harmonic motion?

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Which of the following quantity does not change due to damping of oscillations?

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The two nearest harmonics of a tube closed at one end and open at another end are 220 Hz and 260 Hz. What is the fundamental frequency of the system?

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The second overtone of an open organ pipe has the same frequency as the first overtone of a closed pipe L meter long. The length of the open pipe will be

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A light is travelling from air into a medium. Velocity of light in a medium is reduced to 0.75 times the velocity in air. Assume that angle of incidence ‘I’ is very small, the deviation of the ray is

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In Young’s double slit experiment the source is white light. One slit is covered with red filter and the other with blue filter. There shall be

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In a Fraunhofer diffraction at a single slit, if yellow light illuminating the slit is replaced by blue light, then diffraction bands

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A parallel plate capacitor is charged and then disconnected from the charging battery. If the plates are now moved farther apart by pulling them by means of insulating handles, then

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The capacity of an isolated sphere of radius 9 cm is C. When it is connected to an earthed concentric thin hollow sphere of radius R, the capacity becomes 10 C. Then the value of R is

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A Capacitor is charged by a battery. The battery is removed and another identical uncharged capacitor is connected in parallel. The total electrostatic energy of resulting system

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A 5 μF capacitor is connected in series with a 10 μF capacitor. When a 300 Volt potential difference is applied across this combination, the energy stored in the capacitors is

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A potentiometer wire of length 10 m is connected in series with a battery. The e.m.f. of a cell balances against 250 cm length of wire. If length of potentiometer wire is increased by 1 m, the new balancing length of wire will be

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A range of galvanometer is ‘V’, when 50 Ω resistance is connected in series. Its range gets doubled when 500 Ω resistance is connected in series. Galvanometer resistance is

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A circuit contains an ammeter, a battery of 30 V and a resistance 40.8 ohm all connected in series. If the ammeter has a coil of resistance 480 ohm and a shunt of 20 ohm, the reading in the ammeter will be

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A loop of flexible conducting wire lies in a magnetic field of 2.0 T with its plane perpendicular to the field. The length of the wire is 1 m. When a current of 1.1 A is passed through the loop, it opens into a
circle, then the tension developed in the wire is

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A charge ‘q’ is accelerated through a potential difference V. It is then passed normally through a uniform magnetic field, where it moves in a circle of radius ‘r’. The potential difference required to move it in a circle of radius ‘2r’ is

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For diamagnetic materials, magnetic susceptibility is

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Core of electromagnets are made of  ferromagnetic material which has

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A thin diamagnetic rod is placed vertically between the poles of an electromagnet. When the current is in the electromagnet is switched on former then the diamagnetic road is pushed up, out of the horizontal magnetic field. Hence the rod gains gravitational potential energy. The work required to do this comes from

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A step-up transformer operates on a 230 V line and a load current of 2 A. The ratio of primary and secondary windings is 1:25. Then the current in the primary is

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A wire loop is rotated in a magnetic field. The frequency of change of direction of the induced e.m.f. is

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A 16 μF capacitor is charged to 20 volts. The battery is then disconnected and a pure 40 mH coil is connected across the capacitor so that LC oscillations are set up. The maximum current in the coil is

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In LCR, A.C. series circuit, L = 9 H, R = 10 Ω and C = 100 μF. Hence Q-Factor of the circuit is ________.

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The natural frequency of an LC circuit is 125 kHz. When the capacitor is totally filled with a dielectric material, the natural frequency decreases by 25 kHz. Dielectric constant of the material is nearly

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The velocity of the most energetic electrons emitted from a metallic surface is doubled when the frequency v of the incident radiation is doubled. The work function of the metal is

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In Davisson-Germer experiment the decrease of the wavelength of the electron wave was done by

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The half-life of tritium is 12.5 years. What mass of tritium of initial mass of 64 mg will remain undecayed after 50 years?

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A radioactive decay can form an isotope of the original nucleus with the emission of particles

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A nucleus at rest splits into two nuclear parts having radii into ratio 1 : 2. Their velocities are in the ratio

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For a common emitter transistor amplifier, the current gain is 60. If the emitter current is 6.6 mA then its base current is

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If α current gain of a transistor is 0.98. What is the value of β-current gain of the

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Which logic gate produces ‘LOW’ output when any of the inputs is ‘HIGH’?

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