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Control and Co-ordination Mocktest MHT-CET 2023

Control and Co-ordination is an important chapter as its weightage for MHT-CET 2023 is about 8% from 12th biology syllabus

Control and Co-ordination includes the following topics:

  • Nervous Co-ordination in Lower Animals
  • Neural Tissue
  • Synapse
  • Transmission of Nerve Impulse
  • Human Nervous System
  • Sensory Receptors
  • Disorders of Nervous System
  • Chemical Co-ordination
  • Endocrine System
  • Major Endocrine Glands

Before starting the test make sure to prepare all the above topics of Control and Co-ordination .

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Control and Co-ordination(Biology)

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Myelin sheath is produced by

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Receptor sites for neurotransmitters are present on

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Visual information is decoded by

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Temporal lobe of cerebrum is concerned with he detection of following sensations EXCEPT

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Which area of cerebral cortex is responsible for the interpretation of speech?

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The corpus callosum interconnects

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Which of the following structures or regions is CORRECTLY paired with its functions?

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Coughing and sneezing are controlled by _____

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Which part of the brain is responsible for thermoregulation?

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Branching tree like processes of white matter extending into grey cortex of cerebellum is called____

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How many pairs of sympathetic ganglia are present in ANS?

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The parotid salivary glands are innervated by branches of____ nerve

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If cranial nerves: 12 pairs, then spinal nerves:

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Which of the following statement is CORRECT?

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The transparent lens in the human eye is held in its place by

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Photosensitive compound in human eye is made up of

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Good vision depends on adequate intake of carotene-rich food.

i) Vitamin A derivatives are formed from carotene.

ii) The photopigments are embedded in the membrane discs of the inner segment.

iii) Retinal is a derivative of Vitamin A

iv) Retinal is a light absorbing part of all the visual photopigments.

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Which one of the following is NOT a refractive medium of the eye?

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Blind spot in retina is the area where _____

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Which of the following receptors are specifically responsible for maintenance of balance of body and posture?

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In mechanism of hormone action, which of the following is NOT a second messenger?

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The co-ordinator between Nervous and endocrine system is

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Changes in GnRH pulse frequency in females is controlled by circulating levels of

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Which of the following pituitary hormones is secreted without the involvement of a releasing hormone (RH)?

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Which one of the following hormone is responsible for uterine contraction during parturition?

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Which is the inhibitory hormone of GH?

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Which of the following processes is initiated by FSH?

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Acromegaly is caused by hypersecretion of _____ in the adult.

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The diurnal rhythms are regulated by_____.

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Melatonin is produced from

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Graves' disease is caused due to

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Hypercalcemic hormone is

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The hormones of "Fright, Fight and Flight" are

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Stimulation of RBC production is by the hormone____.

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______ shows anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effect.

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Which one of the following secretes glucagon?

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Name a peptide hormone which acts mainly on hepatocytes, adipocytes and enhances cellular glucose uptake and utilization.

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Select the MIS-MATCHED pair from the following.

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Atrial Natriuretic Factor (ANF) decreases

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The increase in blood flow to heart stimulates secretion of

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Mocktest of Control and Co-ordination is live!

  • Name of test : Control and Co-ordination
  • Subject Biology(12th)
  • Marks per question : 2 marks
  • No. of questions : 40 questions
  • Total marks of test 80 marks

Domocktest Digital platform created a Online test Series for MHT-CET examination. This is state level exam conducted by Maharashtra Test cell for Students to take admission in different college’s all over Maharashtra for qualifying degrees like engineering and B pharmacy

In the above test we have almost covered all the frequently asked questions in MHT-CET examination related to “Control and Co-ordination” in last few year’s question papers. If you are scoring best in the tests provided by us we assure you that you will definitely score good in your entrance examination. We have tried our best and make this difficult test for you.

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