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Oscillation Mocktest Mhtcet 2023

Oscillation Mocktest Mhtcet 2023. We have created a Online Mocktest test on Oscillation for Practicing multiple choice questions. Enhance your skills by solving Chapterwise Mocktest papers. Oscillation this chapter contains 3 to 5 marks at least in Mhtcet exam 2023.

Online Mocktest Mhtcet on Oscillations (Physics).

  1. Explanation of Periodic Motion
  2. Linear Simple Harmonic Motion (S.H.M.)
  3. Differential Equation of S.H.M. Acceleration (a), Velocity (v) and Displacement (x) of S.H.M.
  4. Amplitude (A), Period (T) and Frequency (n) of S.H.M. 5.3
  5. Reference Circle Method
  6. Phase in S.H.M.
  7. Graphical Representation of S.H.M.
  8. Composition of two S.H.M.s having same period and along the same path
  9. Energy of a Particle Performing S.H.M.
  10. Simple Pendulum
  11. Angular S.H.M. and its Differential Equation
  12. Damped Oscillations
  13. Free Oscillations, Forced Oscillations and Resonance Formulae

Once you complete these points from the Chapter Oscillations (Physics) attempt this Mocktest papers in exam like environment.

Mocktest of Oscillation is now live below.

  • Name of Test: Oscillation
  • Subject: Physics
  • Marks per question: 2 Marks
  • No. of Questions: 20 Questions
  • Total Marks of Test: 40 Marks

Oscillation Mocktest Mhtcet 2023.


#1. The motion of a body which repeat itself after equal intervals of time is called

#2. When a particle undergoes s.h.m.there is always a constant ratio between its displacement and

#3. The velocity of a particle performing simple harmonic motion , when it passes through its mean position

#4. Acceleration of a particle executing its mean position

#5. For a particle performing u.c.m ., the projection of its motion along the diameter is

#6. The potential energy of a particle performing

#7. A simple pendulum has a time period t. if the support and the pendulu, fall freely the time period will be

#8. Resonance is a special case of

#9. If a simple pendulum oscillates with an amplitude of 50 mm and time period of 2 s, then its maximum velocity is

#10. Graph between velocity and displacement of a particle executing s.h.m. is

#11. A simple pendulum is vibrating in an evacuted chamber , it will oscillate with

#12. Period of simple pendulum is doubled, when

#13. A second's pendulum performs 100 oscillations in

#14. The of pendulum is halved . its energy will be

#15. The period of oscillation of a simple pendulum of consatnt length at earth surface is t. its period inside a mine is

#16. In a second pendulum , mass od bob is 30 g . if it is replaced by 90 g mass, then its time period will be

#17. A body is set into vibration with a strong external force . the vibration are ........

#18. The distance covered by a particle undergoing shm is one time period is [ amplitude = a ]

#19. Which of the following quantity does not change due to damping of oscillation

#20. For a particle performing linear s.h.m. its average speed over one oscillation is [ a = amplitude of s.h.m. n = frequency of oscillation ]


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