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Mathematical Logic Mocktest For MHT-CET 2023

Mathematical Logic Mocktest For MHT-CET 2023 Domocktest Digital platform created a Online test Series for MHT-CET examination. This is state level exam conducted by Maharashtra Test cell for Students to take admission in different college’s all over Maharashtra for qualifying degrees like engineering . In this test we have selected some common questions came in the past few years of MHT-CET examination. Time is the most precious thing in any exam so we give you a timer to complete the test and check your skills.

Mathematical logic includes the following topics for Mhtcet 2023.

Before starting the quiz please study and prepare all the following topics of mathematical logic to score good.

  • Statements
  • Logical Connectives
  • Truth tables for Compound Statements
  • Relation between Compound Statements and Sets in Set theory
  • Statement pattern
  • Converse, Inverse, Contrapositive of Statement
  • Logical Equivalence
  • Algebra of Statements
  • Types of Statements
  • Quantifiers and Quantified Statements
  • Principles of Duality
  • Negation of a Statement
  • Application of Logic to Switching Circuits

Mathematical Logic Mocktest For MHT-CET 2023


You have to complete the quiz before 25 minutes.

Time up!

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Mathematical logic quiz mocktest MHT-CET 2023

Mathematical logic important questions for MHT-CET. This questions are really helpful to you to score good marks in examination.

Best Of Luck

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which of the following is a statement in logic

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p: Sunday is a holiday, q: Ram does not study on holiday. The symbolic form of the statement

'Sunday is a holiday and Ram studies on holiday' is,

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Assuming the first part of each statement as p, second as q and the third as r, then the statement ' If A, B, C are three distinct  points, then either they are collinear or they form a triangle ' in symbolic form is

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If p and q are true statements in logic, which of the following statement is true

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If the truth values of  p, p↔r, p↔q are F,T,F respectively, then respective truth values of q and r are

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The Boolean Expression (p ∧ ~q) ∨ q ∨ (~p ∧ q) is equivalent to

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If c denotes the contradiction then dual of the compound statement ~p ∧ (q ∨ c) is

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The Negation of the statement given by "He is rich and happy" is

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Which of the following quantified statement is true

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If (p ⋀~q)→(~p ⋁ r) is a false statement, then respective truth values of p, q and r are

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The negation of the statement "some equations have real roots" is

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The statement ~(p⇿~q) is

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p: A man is happy

q: The man is rich

The symbolic representation of "If a man is not rich then he is not happy' is

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The converse of the contrapositive of p→q is

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The statement pattern (~p ⋀ q) is logically equivalent to (o

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Which of the following is not true for any two statement p and q

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The statement pattern p ⋀ (~p ⋀ q) is

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Which of the following statement pattern is a tautology

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The Boolean expression ~(p ⋁ q) ⋁ (~p ⋀ q) is equivalent to

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The symbolic form of logic for the above circuit is

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Let p: A triangle is equilateral, q: A triangle is equiangular, then inverse of q→p is

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The symbolic form of above circuit is

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Symbolic form of the given switching circuit is equivalent to

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The negation of (p⋁~q) ⋀ q is

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The following statement is


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