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Organisms and Populations Mocktest MHT-CET 2023

Organisms and Populations is an important chapter as its weightage for MHT-CET 2023 is about 3% from 12th biology syllabus

Organisms and Populations includes the following sub-topics:

  • Organisms and the Environment Around
  • Major Abiotic Factors
  • Adaptation
  • Population
  • Population Interactions

Before starting the test make sure to prepare all the above topics of Organisms and Populations

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Organisms and Populations (Biology)

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The study of inter-relationship between living organisms and their environment is called

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constitutes a large regional terrestrial unit delimited by a specific climatic zone having major vegetation zone (plant communities) and the associated fauna

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Biome with least rainfall and high temperature is

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Find out ODD one with respect to component of an ecosystem.

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____deals with the physical space occupied by the organisms

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Position of the organism in the environmental gradients is called

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The key abiotic factors that influence any habitat are

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The organisms which can tolerate and thrive in a wide range of temperature are called

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The dissolved salt concentration is _____ in fresh waters of streams

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The organisms which are tolerant for a wide range of salinities are called

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____are restricted to a narrow range of salinities

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Properties of soil that determine the vegetations of an area are

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An ability of organism to maintain the constancy of its internal environment despite varying external environmental conditions is called

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The organisms which are able to maintain homeostasis by physiological and behavioural changes are called

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Desert plants show following adaptations, EXCEPT

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Some species in desert, burrow into the sand to hide and escape from the heat, such adaptation is

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_____ is an important area of ecology which links ecology to population dynamics, genetic and evolution

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Which of the following are characteristics of population?

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_____ is the number of individuals present per unit space in a given time

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_____ is the birth rate of a population.

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Which of the following age groups fall in the pre-reproductive age category?

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Which of the following factors can cause change in population size'?

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Population growth of a country depends upon

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_______ is the number of individuals of the same species that have come into the habitat from elsewhere during the time period under consideration

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The biological interaction between organisms of same population is called

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Which of the following is negative interaction?

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Mutualism between two species can be represented as

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Biological interaction between organisms of different species in which each individual receives benefit is called

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Mutualism is an interaction between two species in which

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Relationship between organisms of different species where one organism is benefited and other is harmed is called

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An organism which caries another organism to host is called

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All are examples of ectoparasites, EXCEPT

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A type of parasitism in which parasitic bird lays its egg in the nest of its host bird is called

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Biological control methods adopted in agricultural pest control are based on

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Adaptation in which organism matches its colour with surrounding to get protected from predators is called

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Which of the following is WRONG with respect to Niche?

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Which one of the following plants shows morphological means of defence to avoid herbivores

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____ is an interaction in which one species is benefited and other is neither harmed nor benefited

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The orchid growing as epiphyte on tree is good example of

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The term 'niche' was first used by

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Mocktest of Organisms and Populations is live!

  • Name of test : Organisms and Populations
  • Subject Biology(12th)
  • Marks per question : 2 marks
  • No. of questions : 40 questions
  • Total marks of test 80 marks

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