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Mock Test on Chemical Kinetics Mhtcet Chemistry 2023.

Online Test Series on Chemical Kinematics for getting prepared you in Mhtcet Exam 2023. Chemical Kinetics is a valuable chapter for Mhtcet Examination. It can gives you at least 4 marks in the main exam of Mhtcet 2023 (Chemistry).

This Online Test Series Contains 20 Questions from the Chemical Kinetics Chemistry (Mhtcet 2022). Enhance your skills by Solving Mocktest Question of Mhtcet 2022 and Increase your percentile in upcoming Mhtcet exam 2023.

The Focused topic of Chemical Kinetics Chemistry Mhtcet 2023.

  • Rate of reaction
  • Rate of reaction and reactant concentration
  • Molecularity of elementary reaction
  • integrated rate law
  • Collision theory of bimolecular reactions Temperature dependence of reaction rates
  • Effect of catalyst on the rate of reaction

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Mock Test On Chemical Kinetics

INTRODUCTION:-Three impotant characteristics of chemical reactions include : extent of reaction, feasibility and its rate. In standard XI, we learnt how equilibrium constants predict the extent of reaction. In unit 3 of this text, we learnt how thermodynamics properties such as change in entropy or enthalpy tell us whether under the given set of conditions chemical equation occurs or not. chemical kinetics is a branch of chemistry reactions and the factors those affect them.

A chemist wants to know the rates of reactions for different reasons rates help us to predict how rapidly the reaction approaches equilibrium. Secondly it gives information on the mechanism of chemical reactions.

A number of reactions occurs as a sequence of elementary steps constitution the mechanism of reaction.

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Molecularity of an elementary reaction can be_____.

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Order of a reaction____.

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During the course of chemical reaction the rate constant____.

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When reaction progresses,___.

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The study of the rate of chemical reactions and factors affecting its rate is known as___.

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Radioactive processes follow_____ the kinetics.

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Radioactive processes follow_____ the kinetics.

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The time of completion of 90% of a first order reaction is approximately _____times that of half life.

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Generally the order of an element reaction___.

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In an elementary reaction:
2A + B -----> C+ D, the molecularity of the reaction is __.

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When the concentration of a reactant in the reaction, A —— B is increased by 8 times, the rate increases by ? times. The order of the reaction is

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For first order reaction, the plot of Log10 [A]0/[A]1 versus time is a_____.

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Which of the following statements about zero order reaction is FALSE?


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In a first order reaction A → B, if k is rate constant and initial concentration of the reactant A is 0.5 M then the half life is____.

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The initial rates of reaction 3A + 2B + C ------>Products, at different initial concentrations are given below

Initial rate,

M s-1

[A]0, M[B]0, M[C]0, M
5.0 * 10-30.0100.0050.010
5.0 * 10-30.0100.0050.015
1.0 * 10-20.0100.0100.010

The order with respect to the reactants, A, B and C are respectively

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What is the order of a reaction whose rate law expression is: rate = k[A]3/2 [B]-1/2

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Activation energy of a chemical reaction can be determined by

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The half life period of a first order chemical reaction is 6.93 minutes. The time required for the completion of 99% of the chemical reaction will be (log10 2 = 0.301)

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The unit of rate constant for certain reaction is time-1  The order of the reaction is____.

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The sum of the power to which the concentration of substance appears in the rate expression is known as____.

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