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Ecosystems and Energy Flow Mocktest MHT-CET 2023

Ecosystems and Energy Flow is an important chapter as its weightage for MHT-CET 2023 is about 2% from 12th biology syllabus

Ecosystems and Energy Flow includes the following sub-topics:

  • Ecosystem
  • Energy Flow
  • Eecological Pyramids
  • Nutrient Cycles
  • Ecological Succession
  • Ecological Services

Before starting the test make sure to prepare all the above topics of Ecosystems and Energy Flow.

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Ecosystems and Energy Flow (Biology)

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The term ecosystem was coined by

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Vertical distribution of different species occupying different levels in a biotic community is known as

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The spatial pattern of density and distribution of species along a horizontal gradient is called as

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Gross primary productivity is the rate of production of ____during photosynthesis.

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In an ecosystem, the rate of production of organic matter during photosynthesis is termed as

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The energy which is present in the biomass of plant is known as _____

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Net primary productivity (NPP) in an ecosystem is

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Which one of the following ecosystem has the highest annual net primary productivity?

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If 20 joules of energy is available at the producer level as net primary productivity, then amount of energy available in secondary carnivore in joules is

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Secondary productivity is the rate of formation of new organic matter by

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During the process of decomposition, in which stage does complete organic matter get converted into inorganic ions and salts by fungi?

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Detritivores like earthworm, breakdown detritus into smaller particles. This process is called

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Which one of the following processes during decomposition is CORRECTLY described?

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Of the total incident solar radiation, the percentage Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) captured by plants

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The pyramid that cannot be inverted in a stable ecosystem, is pyramid of

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What type of ecological pyramid would be obtained with the following data?

Secondary consumer : 120g
Primary consumer : 60g
Primary producer : 10g

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Which ecosystem has the maximum biomass?

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Earthworm is a

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Natural reservoir of phosphorus is

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The simplest of all nutrient cycles operating in an ecosystem is ___ cycle

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Identify the INCORRECT statement from the following:

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In an ecological succession the pioneers are generally _____

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which of the following would appear as the pioneer organisms on bare rocks?

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Which of the following event does not lead into secondary succession?

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Secondary succession takes place on/in

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In hydroseric succession, which stage comes just before sedge meadow stage?

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Which of the following is the correct trend in hydroseric succession?

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The pioneer species in xerarch and hydrarch succession are respectively

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The xerarch succession of organisms is seen in _____

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Which is the pioneer stage during secondary succession in a forest ecosystem after fire

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_____ is released as a byproduct of photosynthesis

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_____ is a reservoir of carbon.

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Decomposers are

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The amount of energy available ____ at each successive tropic level.

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Natural interconnections of food chains make it a food

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Omnivores eat

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Humus formation improves soil in improving

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Detritus food chain starts from

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In an ecosystem, fungi is grouped as

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Which of the following zones is a good habitat for Savannah and Clapper Rail?

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Mocktest of Ecosystems and Energy Flow is live!

  • Name of test :Ecosystems and Energy Flow
  • Subject Biology(12th)
  • Marks per question : 2 marks
  • No. of questions : 40 questions
  • Total marks of test 80 marks

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