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Kinetic theory of Gases Radiation Mocktest 2023

Mocktest and Online Chapterwise Series for Mhtcet upcoming examination is ready. Practice this well prepared test series and enhance your skills. Improve your score by practicing Mocktest of Mhtcet from our website.Now get ready for Kinetic theory of Gases Radiation Mocktest.

Here are the topics of Kinetic theory of Gases Radiation

1. Introduction Kinetic Theory of gases
2. Behavior of a Gas 
3. Ideal Gas and Real Gas 
4. Mean Free Path Pressure of Ideal Gas Root Mean Square (rms) Speed 
7. Interpretation of Temperature in Kinetic Theory Law of Equipartition of Energy 
9. Specific Heat Capacity 
10. Absorption, Reflection and Transmission of Heat Radiation 3.11 Perfect Blackbody 
12. Emission of Heat Radiation 
13. Kirchhoff’s Law of Heat Radiation and its Theoretical Proof 
14. Spectral Distribution of Blackbody Radiation 
15. Stefan-Boltzmann Law of Radiation 

Mocktest of Kinetic theory of Gases Radiation is live !

  • Name of Test: Kinetic theory of Gases Radiation
  • Subject: Physics(12th)
  • Marks per question: 2 Marks
  • No. of Questions: 20 Questions
  • Total Marks of Test: 40 Marks
  • Exam: Test Series for Mhtcet 2023

Kinetic theory of Gases Radiation Mocktest 2023.


#1. A gas is not ideal gas

#2. Ideal gas equation strictly obeys gas laws under all condition of

#3. A distane travelled bt a molecule between two successive collisions is called as

#4. The pressure exerted by a gas is proportional to

#5. In a monatamic gas , total degrees of freedom are due to

#6. The degrees of freedom of a triatomic gas is

#7. A cylinder rolls without slipping down an inclined plane , the number od degrees of freedom it has , is

#8. A surface for which coefficient of transmission is zero is called

#9. Absorption coefficient of totally blackbody is

#10. Which of the following is the example of ideal blackbody

#11. Emissivity of perfectly blackbody is

#12. For a perfectly blackbone , its absoorption power is

#13. The spectrum of blackbody radiation is a

#14. Wien 's displacement law fails for

#15. If the temperature of any ideal blackbody is halved . then the wavelength of maximum emission will be

#16. The colour of a star depends upon its

#17. If the temperature of the sun gets doubled , the rate of energy received on the earth will increase by a factor of

#18. Apiece of iron is heated in a flame . it first becomes dull red then becomes reddish yellow and finally turns to white hot. the correct explanation for the above observation is possible by using

#19. A gas mixture consists of 2 moles of O2 and 4 moles of Ar at temperature T . Nrglecting all vibrational modes , the total internal energy of the system is

#20. Heat energy is incident on the surface at the rate of 1000J/min . if coefiicient of absorption is 0.8 and coefficient of reflection is 0.1 then heat energy transmitted by the surface in 5 minutes is


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