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Mechanical Properties of fluids Mocktest Mhtcet 2023

We are here with valuable Online Mocktest test on Mechanical Properties of fluids for Practicing multiple choice questions. Enhance your skills by solving Chapterwise Mocktest papers. Mechanical Properties of fluids this chapter contains 4 to 5 marks at least in Mhtcet exam 2023.


2.Fluid Pressure 
3. Surface Tension
4. Fluids in motion
5. Critical velocity and Reynold’s number¬†
6. Stokes law
7. Equation of continuity
8. Bernoulli equation

Mocktest of Mechanical Properties of fluids is now live below.

Name of Test: Mechanical Properties of fluids

No. of Questions: 20 Questions

Marks per question: 2 Marks

Total Marks of Test: 40 Marks

Mechanical Properties of fluids Mocktest Mhtcet 2023


#1. Both liquid and gases can flow hence they are called

#2. The ........ exerted by a liquid at rest per unit area normal to the surface in contact with the liquid is called pressure

#3. Pascal 's law is not applicable to

#4. To measure pressure difference , device used is

#5. Molecular forces are

#6. Rain drops are spherical because of

#7. A liquid film at the surface behaves as a

#8. Which of the fallowing liquids has the maximum value of surface tension ..

#9. The work done to increase unit area of the liquid surface is equivalent to

#10. When the temperature is increased the angle of contact af a liquid

#11. Which of the following factors does not affect the angle of contact..

#12. The surface of water in contact with glass wall is

#13. The surface tension of cold water is ..... that of hot water

#14. If a liquid does not wet the material of a capillary tube, then the liquid in it

#15. Meniscus of mercury in capillary is

#16. Velocity of liquid layer kept in a vessel is maximum is

#17. Coefficient if viscosity of a liquid does not depend upon

#18. An airfoil has

#19. The workinf of venturimeter is based on

#20. The device used to measure the rate of flow of incompressible fluid in steady state is


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