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Rotational Dynamics Mcqs Mocktest Mhtcet 2023

Online Mocktest of Rotational Dynamics for Mhtcet 2023.

We have created a Online Mocktest test on Rotational Dynamics for Practicing multiple choice questions. Enhance your skills by solving Chapterwise Mocktest papers. Rotational Dynamics this chapter contains 4 to 5 marks at least in Mhtcet exam 2023.

Rotational Dynamics Subtopics for Mhtcet 2023.

  1. Rotational Dyna Subtopics
  2. Characteristics of Circular Motion
  3. Applications of Uniform Circular Motion
  4. Vertical Circular Motion
  5. Moment of Inertia as an Analogous Quantity for Mass
  6. Radius of Gyration
  7. Theorem of Parallel Axes and Theorem of Perpendicular Axes
  8. Angular Momentum or Moment of Linear Momentum
  9. Expression for Torque in Terms of Moment of Inertia
  10. Conservation of Angular Momentum
  11. Rolling Motion Characteristic of circulation


#1. In uniform circular motion,

#2. When a body moves with a constant speed along a circle

#3. A particle performing uniform circular motion has

#4. A particle is moving on a circular path with constant speed , then its acceleration will be

#5. If a particle moves in a circle describing equal angles in equal intervals of time , the velocity vector

#6. The force required to keep a body in uniform circular motion is

#7. If the radius of the circular track decreases , then the angle of banking

#8. When the bob of a conical pendulum is moving in a horizontal circle at constant speed , which quantity is fixed

#9. A couple produces

#10. If the position of axis of rotation of a body is changed , then which of the following quantities will changed ....

#11. If a mass shift towards the axis of rotation , its m.i. will

#12. Which of the following quantities is/ are directionless...

#13. The physical quantity in translatory motion corresponding to torque in rotatory motion is

#14. The radius of gyration depend on

#15. The rate of change of angular momentum is called

#16. The dimensions of torque are the same as that of

#17. What is the angular speedof the minute hand of the clock in degrees per second

#18. If a body moves with constant spped along a curved path, its tangential acceleration is

#19. A car is travelling on a circular banked road . the centripetal acceleration of a car is provided by

#20. In uniform circular mation


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