Rotational Dynamics Mcqs Mocktest Mhtcet 2023

Online Mocktest of Rotational Dynamics for Mhtcet 2023.

We have created a Online Mocktest test on Rotational Dynamics for Practicing multiple choice questions. Enhance your skills by solving Chapterwise Mocktest papers. Rotational Dynamics this chapter contains 4 to 5 marks at least in Mhtcet exam 2023.

Rotational Dynamics Subtopics for Mhtcet 2023.

  1. Rotational Dyna Subtopics
  2. Characteristics of Circular Motion
  3. Applications of Uniform Circular Motion
  4. Vertical Circular Motion
  5. Moment of Inertia as an Analogous Quantity for Mass
  6. Radius of Gyration
  7. Theorem of Parallel Axes and Theorem of Perpendicular Axes
  8. Angular Momentum or Moment of Linear Momentum
  9. Expression for Torque in Terms of Moment of Inertia
  10. Conservation of Angular Momentum
  11. Rolling Motion Characteristic of circulation

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