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Reproduction in Lower and Higher Animals Mocktest MHT-CET 2023

Reproduction in lower and higher animals is an important chapter as its weightage for MHT-CET 2023 is about 8% from 12th biology syllabus

Reproduction in lower and higher animals includes the following sub-topics:
  • Asexual Reproduction in Animals
  • Sexual Reproduction in Animals
  • Menstrual Cycle (Ovarian Cycle)
  • Gametogenesis
  • Fertilization Syngamy
  • Embryonic development
  • Pregnancy
  • Placenta
  • Partuntion
  • Lactation
  • Reproductive Health
  • Birth Control
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)
  • Infertility

Please prepare the above topics before starting the mocktest

Let’s Start the Test!!


#1. Follicle stimulating hormone and luteinising hormone

#2. The correct order of passage of sperms through internal genital organs of male human beings is

#3. Which of the following is not the lining of uterus?

#4. In human being, the type of cleavage is

#5. What is the correct sequence of sperm formation

#6. _____is a small erectile organ lying at the anterior of the labia minora

#7. Fibrous testicular septa divide each testis into

#8. Vestibule is____.

#9. During pregnancy test, ____is detected in the urine.

#10. Graafian follicle is surrounded by two connective tissue layers, namely

#11. Which of the folowing is haploid?

#12. Saheli is an example of____.

#13. Cryptorchidism is the condition in man when

#14. In the 28 days human ovarianh cycle, the ovulation takes place typically on

#15. Some of the spermatogonia stop dividing grow in size to develop into_____.

#16. Which one is realsed from the ovary?

#17. WHich of the folllowing is CORRECT?

#18. The acrosome plays important role in____.

#19. Oogenesis comprises?

#20. Asexual reproduction through formation of gemmule occurs in

#21. Regeneration as a method of asexual reproduction is observed in

#22. Which one of the following generates new genetic combinations leading to variation?

#23. "Testes are extra-abdominal in position". Which of the following is most appropriate reason?

#24. Each testicular lobule contains _____convoluted seminiferous tubules.

#25. Which one of the following cells secretes a hormone?

#26. Which constituent of seminal fluid helps n coagulation of semen after ejaculation?

#27. In ovary, estrogen s secreted by

#28. During ovulation, the ovary releases

#29. No new follicles develop in the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle because:

#30. Morula formed at the end of cleavage is ___ celled

#31. During embryonic development, after third cleavage the number of blastomeres formed will be___.

#32. In the second trimester of pregnancy, there is decline in the level of_____

#33. Which of the following hormones is responsible for both the milk ejection reflex and the foetal ejection reflex?

#34. Forceful muscular contractions of uterine wall is involved in

#35. Which of the following hormones initiates parturition?

#36. Which of the following is a hormone releasing IUD?

#37. Embryo with more than 16 blastomeres formed due to in vitro fertilization is transferred into

#38. In case of a couple where the male is having a very low sperm count, which technique will be suitable for fertilisation?

#39. Incubation period of Treponema pallidum is about

#40. Assisted reproductive technology. IVE involves transfer of


This Test Contains 40 Questions from the Reproduction in Lower and Higher Animals Quick Practicing Mock Test for the better remembering. Best of Luck. With Love!!

Please try to answer all the questions and score your best.

Mocktest of Reproduction in lower and higher animals is live!

  • Name of test : Reproduction in lower and higher animals
  • Subject : Biology(12th)
  • Marks per question : 2 marks
  • No. of questions : 40 questions
  • Total marks of test : 80 marks

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