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Mock Test on Alcohols, Phenols Ethers Chemistry Mocktest Mhtcet 2023

Mock Test For JEE, NEET, MHTCET & Other INTERNAL EXAMINATIONS keep in touch us. This Mock Testis based on the Chapter Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers from Chemistry. For more quizzes like this visit to our website. Domocktest is providing you the Quizzes for the Aspirants of NEET, JEE, MHT-CET, UPSC, and Other Internal and civil services Examinations for your practicing..

This Mock Test Contains 20 Questions from the Reproduction in Lower and Higher Animals Quick Practicing Mock Test for the better remembering. Best of Luck. With Love!!

The Subtopics of the Mock Test are based on

  • Classification
  • Nomenclature
  • Alcohols And Phenols
  • Ethers
  • Uses of alcohols, phenols and ethers

Let’s Start the Test!!!

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Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers

Introduction:- Alocohols are orgaic compounds whose molecules contain hydroxyl group, (-OH) attached to a saturated carbon atom. hydroxyl group can also be present in anromatic compounds. There are two types of aromatic hydroxy compound: phenols and aromatic alcohols. Phenols contain a hydroxyl group directly attached to the carbon atom of benzene ring. When the hydroxyl group is present in the side chain of aromatic ring, the compound is termed as aromatic alcohols.

 Ethers are compounds which contain an oxygen atom bonded to two alkyl groups or two aryl groups or one alkyl and one aryl group. Ethers are organic oxides. Ethers are considered as anhydrides of alcohols.


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Phenol on oxidation with sodium dichromate in H2SO4 yields_____.

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Aspirin is obtained by reaction between____.

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Which of the following alcohols is most difficult to oxidise?

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The reaction that involves the formation of salicylic acid from phenol is called____.

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In the carbinol system, monohydric alcohols are named as derivatives of____.

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The CORRECT order of acidic strength of the following derivatives of phenol is as follows:

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The major product obtained when anisole reacts with ethanoyl chloride is___.

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Which among the following is a symmetrical ether?

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The products of the reaction

CH3-O-C2H5=PCL5 are____.

(I) methyl chloride     (II) ethyl chloride

(III) methanol             (IV) ethanol

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Which of the following statement is NOT correct?

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Alcohols react with acid abhydrides presence of conc. H2SO4 to form____.

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IUPAC name of compound 'X' is____.

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Quinol is a____ phenol.

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Select the ether among the following that yields methanol as one of the products on reaction with hot concentrated hydroiodic acid.

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Which of the following when passed through conc.H2SO4 followed by hydrolysis with boiling water would give tert-butyl alcohol?

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This is a tertiary alcohols:

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Which of the following is dihydric alcoholos?

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The general formula of aliphatic ethers is same as that of____.

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The compound containing hydroxyl group directly attached to benzene ring are called____.

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In alcohols, the fuctional group attached to a saturated carbon atom is____.

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