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The structure of atom and Nuclei Mocktest Mhtcet


Thomson’s Atomic Model 
Geiger-Marsden Experiment
Rutherford’s Atomic Model 
Atomic Spectra
Bohr’s Atomic Model 
Atomic Nucleus 
Nuclear Binding Energy 
Radioactive Decays 
Law of Radioactive Decay 
Nuclear Energy


#1. According to the dalton's theory of atomic structure

#2. Anatom consists of a tiny particle named nucleus whose size is______ the size of the item

#3. Whose discovery implied the atom can't be indestructible?

#4. Choose the incorrect statement regarding the Sir JJ thomson's atomic model

#5. Detector used in Marsden experiment is

#6. Alpha particles deflected at more than 90 degree in Marsden experiment were

#7. Alpha particle scattering is a consequence of

#8. Rutherford's alpha particle experiment showed that the attempts have

#9. And alpha particle moving with a constant energy is scattered by the nucleus the scattering angle with the maximum when the alpha particle

#10. Rutherford proposed his model of the atom in auto to explain the scattering of

#11. According to the classical theory the Rutherford atom was

#12. Rutherford assumed in his atomic model that

#13. According to the Rutherford's atomic model the electrons inside the atom

#14. The Rutherford's alpha particle experiment shows that most of the alpha particles pass through almost unscattered while some are scattered through large angles what information does it give about the structure of the item

#15. The first member of any series in hydrogen atomic (electron jumps from quantum number P to N)

#16. With increasing quantum number the energy difference between adjacent energy levels in hydrogen atom

#17. In the hydrogen atom spectrum the series which lies ultraviolet region is

#18. Which of the statements is incorrect as regards to hydrogen spectrum?

#19. If the mass of an electron is reduced to half the Rydberg constant

#20. According to Bohr's atomic model the electrons revolve around the nucleus scene


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