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Origin and Evolution of Life Mocktest Biology MHT-CET 2023

Origin and Evolution of Life is an important chapter as its weightage for MHT-CET 2023 is about 4% from 12th biology syllabus

Origin and Evolution of Life includes the following sub-topics

  • Origin of life
  • Chemical Evolution of Life
  • Darwinism
  • Mutation Theory
  • Modern Synthetic Theory of Evolution
  • Mechanism of Organic Evolution
  • Hardy Weinberg’s principle
  • Adaptive Radiation
  • Organic Evolution and its Evidence
  • Speciation
  • Geological Time Scale
  • Human Evolution

Before starting the test make sure to prepare all the above topics.

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Origin and Evolution of Life Mocktest MHT-CET 2023


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The first cell or primitive cells were

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Which of the following is the correct sequence of events in the origin of life ?

(A) Formation of Protobionts

(B) Synthesis of organic monomers

(C) Synthesis of organic polymers

(D)  Formation of DNA-based genetic systems

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The most common chemical compounds formed in Urey-Miller's experiment were

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The primary gases that were used by Miller in his experiment are

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Darwin's theory of evolution cannot explain

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Which of the following does not belong to order primate

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The earliest fossil of prehistoric man among the following is

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Which of the following was not in the direction of evolution of human species?

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Variation in gene frequencies with population can occur by change rather than by natural selection. This is referred to as

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Genetic drift operates in

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Genetic drift describes

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When members of a population attain sexual maturity at different times preventing interbreeding, it is termed as______ isolation.

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Which of the following factors is not included in the modern synthetic theory of evolution?

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Which of the following is not a connecting link

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Among the following sets of examples for divergent evolution, select the INCORRECT option

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Molecular evolution and origin of life occurred in _____ era.

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The reptiles, like dinosaurs were dominant in ______ period.

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The rise of first primates occurred in _____ epoch.

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Which of the following had the smallest brain capacity?

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The first fossil of Australopithecus was discovered in

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Maximum cranial capacity is found in _______.

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Homo habilis is also called______

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Which one of the following is identifiable character of Neanderthal man?

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The chronological order of human evolution from early to the recent is

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The brain capacity of Homo habilis 

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Select the correct pair

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_____ explains the theory of natural selection as well as the theory of mutation.

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What is/are the concept(s) that is/are a part of the modern synthetic theory?

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Small interbreeding group of population is called as

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Total number of genes in a Mendelian population is called

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The change in gene and gene frequencies is called

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Industrial melanism is an example of

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Organisms living in the same region but occupying different habit is called

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Zygote mortality is a post-mating barrier in which

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Which of the following is not a post zygotic barrier?

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_____ are the first true land vertebrates.

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Palaeozoic era is the age of

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Appearance of first seedless varscular land plants took place in which era?

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Which of the following is not an ape?

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The modern man differs from the apes in

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Mocktest of Origin and Evolution of live!

  • Name of test : Origin and Evolution of Life
  • Subject Biology(12th)
  • Marks per question : 2 marks
  • No. of questions : 40 questions
  • Total marks of test 80 marks

Domocktest Digital platform created a Online test Series for MHT-CET examination. This is state level exam conducted by Maharashtra Test cell for Students to take admission in different college’s all over Maharashtra for qualifying degrees like engineering and B pharmacy.

In this test we have included some important questions for MHT-CET 2023 . This questions are really helpful to you to score good marks in examination.

In the above test we have almost covered all the frequently asked questions in MHT-CET examination related to “Origin and Evolution of Life ”. If you are scoring best in the tests provided by us we assure you that you will definitely score good in your entrance examination. We have tried our best and make this difficult test for you.

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