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Motion in a Straight Line – Physics | NEET Online Mock Test

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Mock TestMotion in a Straight Line
ExamNEET Medical Test
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Motion in a Straight Line - NEET (Physics)

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Two cars are moving in the same direction at the same speed u. The cars maintained a constant distance x between them. Another car (third car) coming from the opposite direction meets the two cars at an interval of 't'. Then find the speed of the third car.

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The acceleration of a particle starting from rest, varies with time according to the relation a=(kt+c) where k and c are positive constants. The velocity of the particle after time t will be

  1. kt2 + ct
  2. (1/2) kt2 + ct
  3. (1/2)(kt2+c)
  4. kt2+ (1/2) ct

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A thief is running away on a straight road in a jeep, moving at 9m/s. A policeman chases him on a motorcycle moving at a speed of 10m/s and the instantaneous separation of the jeep from the motorcycle is 100 m, how long will it take for the policeman to catch the thief?

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Two cars leave one after the other and travel with an acceleration of 4 m/s2. Two minutes after the departure of the first the distance between the cars becomes 28 km. The time interval between the departures of the cars is

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The motion of a particle is given by equation S=(3t3+7t2+4t+4)m where t is sec. the value of the acceleration of the particle at t = 1s is

  1. 10 m/s2
  2. 32 m/s2
  3. 16 m/s2
  4. 23 m/s2

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A rocket is fired vertically up from the ground with an acceleration of 10m/s2. The fuel is finished in 1 minute and the rocket continues to move up. The maximum height attained by rocket from ground is

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A very broad elevator is going up vertically with a constant acceleration of 2m/s2. At an instant when its velocity is 4 m/s a ball is projected from the floor of the lift with a speed of 4 m/s relative to the floor at an elevation of 30°. The time taken by the ball to return to the floor is

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Two objects are moving along the same straight line. They cross point A with acceleration a, 2a and velocity 2u, u at time t = 0. The distance moved by an object when one overtakes the other is

  1. 6u2/a
  2. 2u2/a
  3. 4u2/a
  4. 8u2/a

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A juggler maintains four balls in motion, making each of them to rise a height of 20m from his hand. What time interval should he maintain between throws of successive balls?

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The distance travelled by a particle starting from rest and moving with an acceleration 4/3 ms-2 in the third second is

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A motor boat covers a given distance in 6 hours moving downstream on a river. It covers the same distance in 10 hours moving upstream. The time it takes to cover the same distance in still water is

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A police jeep is chasing a thief with a velocity of 45 km hr-1 who is moving in another jeep moving with a velocity of 153 km hr-1. Police fired a bullet with a muzzle velocity of 180 ms-1. The velocity with which the bullet appears to strike the jeep of the thief, to the thief is

  1. 150 ms-1
  2. 27 ms-1
  3. 450 ms-1
  4. 250 ms-1

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A train of 150 m going towards North direction at a speed of 10 ms-1. A parrot flies at a speed of 5 ms-1 towards south direction parallel to the railway track. The time taken by the parrot to cross the train is

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A balloon starts rising from the ground with an acceleration of 1.25 m/s2. After 8s, a stone is released from the balloon. The stone will

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An object is dropped from the top of a tower. It travels a distance of x in the first second of its motion and a distance of 7x in the last second. The height of the tower is (g= 10 m/s2)

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A particle is thrown vertically upwards. Its velocity at half of the height is 10 m/s. Then the maximum height attained by it (g = 10 m/s2)

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The displacement s of a point moving in a straight line is given by s = 8t2+ 3t-4, s being in cm and t in s. The initial velocity of the particle is

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A ball is released from the top of a tower of height h m. It takes T s to reach the ground. What is the T position of the ball in T/3 s?

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A car starts from rest and moves with constant acceleration on a straight road. The ratio of displacement travelled by car in the first 4 seconds and the next 4 seconds

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A particle is released from the top of a tower of height 150m and another ball is thrown vertically upwards with velocity 20m/s from a tower of height 50m at the same time. Assume both are in a same vertical line. Then time after which they collide to each other- (take g= 10m/2)

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If x denotes displacement in time 't' and x=a Cost then acceleration is

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If the velocity of a particle moving in a straight line is given by v  = 2t+ 3 where t in sec and v in m/s. Then, its average velocity in the interval 0 ≤ t ≤ 1 is

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A man is standing behind a car at a distance of 48m. At a particular instant, the car starts accelerating at 1m/s2 and the man runs at a constant speed of 11m/s in the same direction. The man will meet the car the first time at the time

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A stone is thrown vertically upward from a bridge, with an initial velocity of 4.9m/s. It strikes the water after 2s. What is the height of the bridge from the water level? (g=9.8m/s2)

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A juggler throws one ball into the air, whenever the previous one is at its highest point. How high do the balls rise, if he throws 'n' balls each second? (Acceleration due to gravity is g.)

  1. g/4n2
  2. g/2n2
  3. g/n2
  4. 2g/n2

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A car travelling at a speed of 30km/hr is brought to a halt in 8m by applying brakes. If the same car is travelling at 60km/hr, it can be brought to a halt with the same braking force in

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If the relation between distance 'x' and time 't' is given as t = αx²+βx
α and β being appropriate constants, then the retardation of the particle is, (v is the velocity of the particle)

  1. 2αv3
  2. 2βv3
  3. 2αβv3
  4. 2v3


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A person driving a car with a speed of 72km/hr, suddenly sees a boy crossing the road. If the distance moved by the car, before the person applies brakes is 5m, the reaction time of the person is

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A particle covers half its journey with a constant speed 'v', half the remaining part of the journey with a constant speed of '2v' and the rest of the journey with a constant speed of '4v'. Its average speed during the entire journey is,

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